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TPE Interlocking Safe Sport Floor Tile

Item NO: VESA-303010

Safety Floor for School Sport Flooring

Life Time
Over 8-10 years
Kindergarten / Tennis /Multipurpose Courts
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TPE Interlocking Safe Sport Floor Tile


Safety Floor for School Sport Flooring


Tile Size: 305*305*10mm

Material: TPE+PP

Warranty: Over 10 years

Texture: Soft

Application: Kindergarten/Tennis/Multipurpose Courts


New polymer thermoplastic elastomer material, perfect size and weight bring you professional competition experience.


Encrypted invisible lock patent, no need for punching, easy installation, easy replacement 


Smooth processing between surface nodes and nodes, which is more conducive to improving impact resistance


Encrypted suspension support system for good stability and cushioning

Play Fun Series


China Guangdong Preschool Education Association recommends "the preferred brand for the purchase of kindergarten-specific sports flooring"


Meet the new national standard GB36246-2018 of the Ministry of Education


Passed the international environmental protection SGS certification and EU EN14877 certification.


The product has strong toughness, high elasticity, can be arbitrarily curled 360 °


Variety of colors to meet every of your requirement


Six advantages set industry benchmarks


1. Resilience and security


Product flexibility is strong, Shore hardness 75-85A. Resistance to high strength resistance and impact.


2. Health and environmental protection


The product is made of food-grade polymer thermoplastic elastomer, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, 100% recycled.


3. Wide application


Suitable for kindergarten outdoor venues, primary and secondary courts, sports competition venues, sports training venues, large toy protective floors and other venues.


4. Comfortable and durable


The surface of the floor is specially treated, no sharp corners, no reflections, no glare, low heat reflection, no sweat, no odor, and a comfortable experience. 

8-10 years use cycle, not afraid of sun and rain, high temperature and humidity, cold winter and hot summer.


5. Easy disassemble


Low level of ground requirements, hardened ground available. Installation without any adhesive, convenient construction. Not affected by the weather. Can be disassembled and used multiple times.


6. Simple maintenance


Easy to clean, usually only need to rinse with water for outdoor maintenance. Do not collect water, use a mop to clean indoors. Partial damage, partial repair, and low maintenance costs.





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