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Suspended Mig Interlocking Floor Tile

Item NO: VEHA-252513

Multipurpose Flooring Hot Sale Tiles

Environmentally friendly modified PP
Life Time
Over 10 years
Schools, Kindergarten, Roller Court, Hockey Court
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Suspended Mig Interlocking Floor Tile


Multipurpose Flooring Hot Sale Tiles


Tile Size: 250*250*13mm

Material: Environmentally friendly modified PP

Life Time: Over 10 years

Texture: Hard

Application: Schools, Kindergarten, Roller Court, Hockey Court


Product Features:


1. New texture design strengthens the anti-skid coefficient and increases sports safety


2. Special surface treatment, anti-vibration and noise reduction. Not reflective or glare


3. The encrypted suspension support system provides good stability and cushioning effect.


4. Automatic drainage without breeding bacteria


5. Simple Maintenance. Just wash with water


Assembled floor in compliance with the new national standard GB36246-2018.


Passed SGS ROHS and EN14877


Variety of colors


Four major brand advantages


I. Health and environmental protection


The product uses environmentally friendly modified polypropylene material, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Raw materials can be recycled and reused without polluting the environment.


2. Comfortable and durable


The surface of the floor is specially treated, no sharp corners, no reflections, no glare, low heat reflection, no sweat, no odor, and a comfortable experience. 8-10 years use cycle. 

Not afraid of sun and rain, high temperature and humidity, cold winter and hot summer.


3. Easy disassemble


The hardened ground is clean and free from arching. No adhesive is used. Can be installed with screws to avoid damage. 

Convenient construction, not affected by weather. Can be disassembled and used multiple times.


4. Simple maintenance


Easy to clean, usually only need to rinse with water for outdoor maintenance. Do not collect water, use a mop to clean indoors. Partial damage, partial repair, and low maintenance costs.


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