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In order to help children fall in love with basketball and develop exercise habits, the small basketball development plan and league sponsored by the Chinese Basketball Association were officially launched in 2017. After a year of accumulation and development, the concept of "small basketball, big dreams" has been around the country Sprout.


The participating players said: "I like mini basketball very much, because this game pays attention to teamwork, everyone will support each other, help each other, and enjoy the fun together. 

In the future, I will use the lessons learned from the small basketball sport. Into learning and life. "



Children who participate in and engage in small basketball generally have this experience: 

It is not that they are tall and strong to play basketball, and basketball can bring happiness to participants.

Cultivate sportsmanship and benefit children for a long time. 

The children won their medals through their sweat and tears, ascended the podium, gave them sufficient respect, and gave them a sense of seriousness and grand ceremony. 

Waiting for 10 or 20 years and then looking back has very important meaning.

Sports, while giving young people a positive and sunny temperament, also includes teaching that respects others and rules. 

Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, said that the promotion of small basketball has expanded the group of project enthusiasts and can find some talents with basketball talents.

In order to promote the small basketball game, VMKON has specially developed a series of beautiful basketball court equipment (special floor and small basketball rack). 

The first patented invention of the small basketball rack that conforms to the "small basketball rules" can be vertically lifted electrically. 2.35 / 2.6 / 2.75M, and does not change any arm length during the lifting process, and is easy to move, can dunk at will. VMKON has more elementary students to use this small basketball stand, and it is more widely used.

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