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In the past weekend, the children of Nanning participated in a special “brain power” activity. 

Due to the large crowds on the venue where the event is held and the floor easily slipping, in order to prevent safety accidents for children, the event party adopted the VMKON flexible safety floor.

VMKON flexible safety floor can not only protect children's safety, but also create a comfortable playground for children, so that children can play without worry.

Aesthetic Health cares about children's health and safety, and takes care of children "every step".



The growth and development of children is relatively special. The joints that play the role of shock absorption in the body are not mature. 

During exercise, such as jumping and other movements, the younger the age, the less likely to do knee flexion and cushioning. When landing, the reaction force from the ground is greater.

VMKON elastic safety flooring can effectively solve this problem, not only is soft and comfortable, but also has good elasticity and shock absorption performance.


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