The Many Uses Of Rubber Flooring

By | January 8, 2021

Rubber flooring has come a long way in the last decade or so. It is not just a one color, one thickness hard type of floor. This type of flooring comes in different sizes, colors and thicknesses. It is also much softer now as well as environmentally friendly and safe.

Rubber floors are extremely versatile and hard wearing but, they are also soft enough to be comfortable. Generally larger areas like gyms often use these types of floors but much smaller areas like for yoga or martial arts also use them too.

The majority of these floors are made out of old used tires and because they have been recycled are also environmentally friendly, meaning they do no harm to the planet. They also have an extremely long life span and actually even look good. They can last a lifetime if looked after correctly.

Prices are not just determined by the thickness and can start as low as a little over one dollar per square foot. Thickness is usually between one quarter of an inch up to half an inch or more depending on the type of area and usage. Price can also vary depending on pattern, color, installation and if it is recycled or not. Price can also be affected depending on where you live so getting a couple of quotes is a good idea.

There are different types of floor but rolled sheet or interlocking squares are the main two types and come in different patterns and shades. As well as the obvious places that use rubber floors like gyms, more and more people are using them for basements and garages because of the amount of wear and tear they can withstand, unlike regular carpet or linoleum. They are also used in high traffic areas like trade shows or lobbies.

The main differences between sheet and interlocking squares are that with the sheet you get a seamless look and is generally used in large areas. With interlocking squares it is easier to install and cheaper to replace worn or damaged sections. Squares are generally a better option in kitchens or garages where space is limited or specific areas are more prone to damage like fat or grease from a cooking area.

When considering purchasing this type of floor you should let the business or supplier know what kind of area is being covered, especially if it is in direct sunlight most of the time as you may need a specially treated floor to protect it from UV rays as over time these areas could fade.

Rubber flooring can be a great choice for your floor whether it’s a large gymnasium or a small kitchen. Not only hard wearing and echo friendly but can also help if you have allergies. Easy to maintain, affordable yet comfortable they make excellent choices especially in high traffic areas. Most places will have samples so that you can actually feel the quality and softness or hardness depending on what type your looking for.

Finding Rubber Flooring may not be that hard when you know where to look for them. If you are considering to get some quality and affordable Rubber Floors for your business, take a look at the information available on our site to find out more.

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